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Enter the Canadian Satellite Store

Welcome to the Canadian Satellite online store
We offer Bell Expressvu satellite dish receivers
and Canadian TV programming packages.

Order the best in movies, local, network, specialty and sports programming including TSN, the Maple Leafs, and the Blue Jays.
And Yes! The Racing Network, TRN is available here ...
plus EastEnders, Tamil and Punjabi, and PPV movies.
And high speed internet? We offer DirecPC, with speeds up to 7 times faster than your dialup!
Everyone knows the brand name of Bell Expressvu, as
 well as the fact that digital satellite programming is the
 most exciting on the planet.
The question is: "Why buy a Bell Expressvu satellite system over the Internet?"
The answer is simple - SAVE MONEY & TIME. You can look over the equipment packages, review the programming options, fill in a few lines on the order form, and your brand new satellite system will arrive at your door before you know it. Job done. Our prices are comparable to any major retailer, you don't have to drive, then park, then be confronted by a pushy salesman, and then drive again.

Selling satellite systems is all we do. You get our friendly, knowledgeable staff whose main goal is your satisfaction. You get the same great programming line up from Bell Expressvu. And you've saved lots of money. An unbeatable combination. Come on in and learn more!

"... and the 'good' shall prevail."
- George Bush Jr., Sept.12/01

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